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Matthew McConaughey’s Favorite Workouts: Wrestling, Sex, and Dancing All Night

Matthew McConaughey’s Favorite Workouts: Wrestling, Sex, and Dancing All Night

Struggling to get a consistent workout regimen at home? Matthew McConaughey’s workouts are anything but traditional, but they’ll boost your mood, health, and the monotony of isolation. Is it any surprise the actor’s got some unorthodox tricks up his sleeve to make movement a movement?

1. Run From Home

“Like any mammal, we’re always gonna make it back home. I like to run 20 minutes out, turn around, and drop and do 20 pushups 10 times during the run back.”

2. Dance All Night

“I could and should probably do it more often. It’s my favorite cardio. I don’t mind having a cocktail during some of my workouts.”

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3. Have Some Sex

“The original exercise,” McConaughey writes in Greenlights. “It makes our companion see us in a more flattering light, which psychologically makes us feel like we look better.”

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4. Wrestle…or Not

“I love it, but blew my ACL during a match. So now I spend a lot of time on the elliptical instead.”

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5. Just Schedule It

“You don’t have to actually work out, just plan on it, that’s enough.”

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