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Your Guide to the Best Supportive Sports Bras for Large Cup Sizes

Your Guide to the Best Supportive Sports Bras for Large Cup Sizes

If you’re a bigger busted gal on the hunt for the perfect sports bra, the road isn’t always easy. Either the sports bras aren’t nearly supportive enough, they look like they were made for your grandmother, or they simply aren’t available in your size. We’ve been there, and as all of you well-endowed athletes and gym-goers know, the right sports bra can make or break any workout, sports game, or physical activity.

“After my first child was born, I was dying to get out running again. He was six weeks old (now 25 years old) and I decided to give it a try. Besides the fact I wasn’t back to my fighting shape, for the first time in my life I understood what you Double D’s are talking about. Forget the side stitch on my left side, my post partum inflated breasts were bouncing everywhere and it was painful. I had tried the old “ace bandage wrap” thinking that would help since I didn’t have a sports bra that fit at the moment, and my normal size is a large B. But I now understand what you mean when you say you need support. I have several friends who used to complain (in our younger years) about the lack of selection for the well endowed. But the good news is, we’ve come a long way, baby! There is a huge (no pun intended) variety of options. You no longer have to avoid high impact exercise. The support you need is available.” – Chris

Chris is exactly right, there is a solution! The fitness apparell world has caught wind of this massive issue and there are now numerous companies with wide selections of supportive, attractive, FUNCTIONAL sports bras for all you D+ girls out there.


Sports Bra Must-Haves

For women with bigger boobs, there are a few reasons why the right sports bra is a total game-changer. First, a truly supportive sports bra made for women with larger breasts is going to offer a level of comfort and support that typical sports bras may not. A supportive sports bra is going to be your best friend during any physical activity, whether you’re running, weight lifting, or doing yoga. The next reason is that a supportive, well-fitting sports bra will prevent sagging (while helping lift!). Breast tissue is supported by both skin and a series of ligaments called “Cooper’s Ligaments.” During physical activity, these Cooper’s Ligaments can stretch out if not properly supported, leading to “drooping” or “sagging” breasts. Enter: truly supportive sports bras to save the day.

When you have bigger boobs, the quality of your sports bra is so important. The support and fit we’ve discussed is something offered by sports bras made with bustier active women in mind.  The best way to find the right one is by doing your research and understanding what your specific needs are. First things first, you need to remember that your sports bra needs will vary according to four things:

  1. Your cup size
  2. The circumference around your upper rib cage
  3. Your personal preferences,
  4. And the activity you are doing.

Although your needs will vary according to your cup size, the circumference around your upper rib cage, your personal preferences, and the activity you are doing, there are some important things to look for in every sports bra.

  • A sports bra should fit snugly, but not constrict breathing. If the bra cuts into your skin, it’s too small. If it is bunching, has gaps or is wrinkling, it’s too big.
  • Security is key. To get the support you want, “the girls” should barely move when you jog in place.
  • Seek out designers who design with YOU in mind. Use specialty stores because they have sports bras designed specifically for exercise enthusiasts and athletes.
  • Get moisture-wicking fabric! To prevent chafing, look for moisture-wicking fabrics and look for bras that are seamless or have covered seams. Moisture-wicking fabrics also offer the bonus of keeping you cooler as you exercise.
  • Cotton is not your friend. Stay away from sports bras that are 100 percent cotton, because as you sweat, the bras will get wet and stay wet.


The Best Supportive Sports Bras for Large Cup Sizes:



Athleta makes it easy to choose sports bras based on activity level; their high-impact bras are great for HIIT training, interval classes, or any other time where you need maximum support. Plus, they come in a wide range of styles, colors and fabrics so you have plenty to choose from.

We recommend the Performance Underwire Bra. This one has a back enclosure, which allows for more secure support than bras that have to fit over your head and shoulders. It comes complete with underwire and allows for some serious compression, all while preventing the dreaded uniboob.

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Enell Inc. provides well-endowed women with the opportunity to fully participate in an active lifestyle with high quality performance apparel. Great information and video instruction for the proper fit on their website. For C cups and above, this Enell Sport bra “eliminates bounce while providing superior support and comfort.” This bra is made from a lycra-spandex blend and is perfect for any of you well-endowed athletes! 

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Who doesn’t love a company that says “to celebrate sports is to celebrate what’s best in human beings.”  Plus, their bras are categorized by medium-impact and high-impact activities.Their Stabilyx Running Bra was made specifically for cup sized D and DD! It has a clasp in the back, which we’ve mentioned before is great for support because your bra can be more form-fitted than typical sports bras that have to fit over your head and shoulders.  Check them out at 

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For any runners with a large cup size, Anita is a great place to find a supportive, functional running bra. Anita’s bras are made of breathable and temperature-regulating fabrics which guarantee your skin remains dry. They have a few full support bras to choose from, but we recommend the Maximum Support Extreme Control Sports Bra! Not only is it super-functional, but it’s SUPER-cute! 

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With a range of bras designed for activities including yoga and running, Lululemon’s bras range in support from moderate to full for high impact sports. They include details like removable cups for added coverage, flat seams for chafe resistance and seamless options for a second skin feel.  For larger size cups, check out the Ta Ta Tamer II.

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We asked our GHU & GHUTV communities about THEIR favorite bras for bigger busts, and these are some of their best recommendations:

“As a 34 DD I absolutely love Moving Comfort’s Juno bra. It has 3 hook and eye closures in the back and padded adjustable straps with no elastic to enhance the “girls” bounce. I undo the straps to put it on and then flip it up to adjust as it can be a bit of a struggle otherwise but I will no longer run in any other bra.” – Kelly

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“Check out the nearest Lane Bryant store for Cacique bras. I have joint problems, and the “pull it over your head” type got me in some difficult spots. Cacique has larger sizes as well as front closure with zippers and traditional snaps. I bought a sports bra (40D) that closes like a traditional bra and I love it. My next sports bras will come from Cacique. Oh, and they’re online, too.” – Mary

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“I am a size 8-10/36DDD.  I used to wear 2-3 bras to run or any other moderate activity. I have fallen in love with the Va Va bra from Athleta. Very comfortable and supportive! GO girls!” -Alex

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If you have a favorite sports bra that you think should be on this list, please comment below! We’d love to hear from you! 


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