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The Best Post-Workout Beauty Products

The Best Post-Workout Beauty Products

Red cheeks, wet hair, and sweat-drenched clothes are badges of honor after a workout. But on those days when you only have 15 minutes to get to your next activity, you kind of wish you would’ve stuck to a sweat-free slow walk on the treadmill, right? Before you cut back on your calorie burn for the sake of cleanliness, know this: post-workout pretty is possible….you just have to have the right items stashed in your gym bag for afterwards! Freshen up with my favorite beauty products that will get you out of the gym looking fabulous, or at the least, a little less “gym-y.”

1. Nathan Power Shower Wipes

I heard about these body wipes from Get Healthy U’s Hannah. She often goes to CrossFit right before coming into the office and needs a quick solution since she has no shower available. I sit two feet from her and haven’t noticed any post-gym smells wafting my way…yet.

2. The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes

Even when I’m frantically running out of the locker room, I never neglect my face. I always use one of these wipes to unclog my pores and get the bacteria and grime off my face so it’s not sitting there stirring up trouble! If I have time to do a little make-up, I have a blank canvas. If I don’t, at least my face feels fresh when I do a grocery or Target run on my way home.

3. Julep Eyeshadow 101 Crème to Powder Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick

More often than not, I wear brown or nude eye shadows with just a touch of shine to them. Thus, this double-duty eye pencil has answered my rushed post-boot camp dreams! I feel like I’m leaving the gym a bit more glam when I put the lighter color on my lids. The best part? I can do the look in under two minutes. One minute if I’m not gabbing with a friend in the locker room…

4. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 in Sugar Rose Tint

I’m obsessed with this super hydrating lip tint. If you only have time for one dip into your makeup bag, this should be your choice. A sheer pink pout instantly adds a pop of color to your face and pulls together your look; it noticeably perks up your lips without being too dramatic or needing much precision. Just swipe and smile!

5. Amazing Grace by Philosophy

I carry this spray in my gym bag 24/7, and my daughter keeps it in her car to put on after yoga. Unlike some overpowering perfumes that feel like you’re just masking that post-workout smell, this one actually makes you feel fresh and clean. Super light and super refreshing!

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6. SmashBox BB Cream SPF 35

A bright red face is a sure giveaway that you just rocked it in Zumba. Go you! But you’re headed into the office and that red has gotta go, right? After you wash or wipe down your face (see above!), put on this awesome BB cream with color-correcting pigments that helps to neutralize redness and even out you complexion. This SmashBox cream is awesome, and it already has SPF 35.

7. The Wet Brush

Snarly hair beware! If you do get to hit the shower, this baby, which is specially designed for wet hair, will tackle all tangles and knots with ease. This brush also rocks to get your sweaty locks smooth after a long run!

8. Bumble and bumble Prêt-à-Powder (Dry Shampoo)

Getting your hair into presentable shape after a workout might be the biggest beauty challenge, but not if you know the tricks. First, workout with your hair pulled into a high loose bun using a crease-free hair tie. When you’re done working out, take down your ‘do and blast your sweat-soaked hairline with the gym hair dryer. Finally, go to town with my single favorite item on the list: dry shampoo. The magic powder will soak up greasiness and add volume. No shower required!

9. Travel Cosmetic Bag

With all of these goodies, you must have something to store it in right? I love this cosmetic bag because they are small enough to throw in your gym bag, yet they hold all your beauty essentials. This bag is extremely affordable, and I love that it comes in a variety of colors. You can even choose to purchase a 4-pack… one for each season!

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