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The Best Home Gym Equipment Under $40

The Best Home Gym Equipment Under $40

If you’re sweating the cost of a pricey gym membership, here’s the awesome truth—you can get just as fit right in your own home! All you need is space—a basement, garage, or wherever you are free to get your sweat on—and a few key pieces of versatile gear. I’ve rounded-up my picks for the best home gym equipment that are inexpensive, but at the same time, don’t skimp on quality. Here’s what you need to get buff for the most bang for your buck:

1. SPRI Gravity Trainer ($31.99)

TRX Home Suspension Straps are all the rage right now but cost upwards of $150. Yikes! Save your money and get these comparable gravity training straps for a third of the cost. The straps attach to a doorframe and deliver a total-body workout using your own bodyweight. I’m a big fan of these because the exercises with the straps are challenging but fun at same time!

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2. SPRI Speed Jump Rope ($6.99)

Jump roping is an underrated exercise that delivers a killer cardio workout in a short period of time. Use this jump rope for minute long intervals while varying the types of jumps and will get your heart rate soaring fast. Plus, your arms, legs, and core will feel the burn as well. Less than $7 for all of that? Yep! Bonus: No crowded lockers rooms either!


3. Gaiam Premium Color Yoga Mat 5 MM ($33.97)

Yoga mats are great for, well, yoga, but they also add extra padding during floor exercises and plyometric workouts! Unless you’re an ĂĽber-yogi who does hot yoga on a regular basis, there is no need for an expensive mat. This Gaiam mat is perfectly cushioned, has a non-slip surface for when the sweat starts dripping, and is double-sided when you want to mix up the color!

4. Xerball Medicine Ball  ($36.98)

A medicine ball is a home gym must-have! You can do everything from core to cardio to strength training. This tool is one of my favorite items in my home gym and I always include it in my circuit routines! To save money, buy only one size; the 6 lb. is a great versatile weight!

5. SPRI Xerdisc Balance Disk ($34.98)

This disk is an awesome way to amp up the difficulty level of your workout and improve balance. Put your hands on the wobbly cushion during a push-up or a plank and stand on top of it when doing squats for an extra challenge. I like using the SPRI Xerdisc because it stays inflated longer and has ridges on the bottom to prevent slipping!

6. Neoprene Hand Weights ($3.49-$15.99)

If you don’t have a set of hand weights in your house, you’re missing out! Hand weights are so easy to break out while you’re watching TV or waiting for the dryer to buzz. Plus, lots of my Get Healthy U TV workouts supplement with a set of your own. If you’re a beginner, I’d recommend 5 or 8-lb hand weights. For the more advanced, get yourself an 8 and 10-lb set.

7. Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit ($21.98)

Balance ball, exercise ball, stability ball. Whatever you call it, you need one. This awesome exercise tool (I have two in my basement!) takes basic exercises up a notch. Do you think lunges are hard? Then brace yourself for a lunge with your back foot elevated on the ball. How about planks? Try a stability ball forearm plank for an added challenge. This Gaiam Balance Ball is a great at-home option because it is high-quality and won’t burst mid-exercise, and comes with its own pump and a workout DVD.



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