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How Scott Eastwood Stayed Shredded for ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’

How Scott Eastwood Stayed Shredded for ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’

With movie star good-looks and roles in two larger-than-life franchises, Scott Eastwood is not exactly a person you’d ever pity; adding insult to injury, he’s in better shape than ever—and does it without a complaint. From a cop to a bull rider (and back to a cop), Eastwood has often played the roles of law enforcement officers and lieutenants, requiring a strong, sturdy physicality to match (and one hell of a workout plan).

Scott Eastwood on ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ and Living an Adventurous Life

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In the upcoming Pacific Rim: Uprising sequel, he plays an officer in the Pan Pacific Defense Corps alongside Star Wars’ John Boyega, though this time, the film is perhaps his biggest move yet—the original film grossed over $400 million worldwide and became of the most successful releases of 2013. His desire to stay in the best shape possible was an at all-time high. “When you’re pulling 12-, 13-, 14-hour days, and get up before 5 a.m. to get to the gym, that’s when it gets hard,” he says. “That’s when your patience gets tested.”

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But bulking up for a role and putting on muscle weren’t his motives, so much as staying active and training year-round as preparation. Eastwood’s trick to arms? Doing legs and arms together: “It increases testosterone,” he says. “It’s always been my go-to move.” In fact, a 2011 study found that leg exercises just prior to an arm workout can increase levels of testosterone and growth hormone (so don’t skip leg day just yet). Rather than stick to weights at the gym or bulking up for the role, Eastwood is also an avid purveyor of finding new ways to sweat. “I do jiu-jitzo, yoga, muay thai. The key is to just to keep active. Just get in the ocean, get in the gym.”

As far as core days, diet is key. “I use boxing and muay thai to focus on my core a couple times a week,” he says. “But really, abs come down to eating. It’s about clean veggies and clean proteins. When you eat a bunch of bread, you’ll notice it, you’ll pack on the pounds.”

Since filming has wrapped, Eastwood has also tried intermittent fasting, eating within a seven to eight hour period, and fasting for the remainder of the day. Strict fasting and training seven days a week on top of shooting a movie sounds, well, tough. “No, not really, I enjoy it all,” he says. Does the guy have any vices? “Yes, chips and salsa,” he says, “I get weak-kneed just thinking about it.”

Eastwood has recently partnered with All Nippon Airways to experience travel and culture in Japan.

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