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5 Healthy Game Day Food Swaps

5 Healthy Game Day Food Swaps

For many people, fall signals the arrival of sweater weather, hot cocoa, falling leaves, and of course, football. Whether you follow the sport religiously or a fair weather fan, one thing can be agreed upon: where there’s football, there are snacks. Not usually the healthy, flaxseed, make-you-feel-great kind of snacks, but usually the cheese-ridden, calorie-laden type that have the potential to derail your healthy eating. We’re calling foul on both sides; you don’t have to sit in the corner and eat carrot sticks and you don’t have to overindulge during sporting events just to fit in. Instead, we’re offering up a middle road to healthy yet delicious swaps you can make for the big game to feel satisfied without the next-day bloat.

Healthy Game Day Food Swaps

1. Kebobs For the Win

Side step that calorie-laden queso and opt for guacamole instead. Avocados are a healthy fat and are a super food. Avocados have protein, are heart healthy, anti-inflammatory and are thought to protect your immune system. Whip up some healthy guacamole with this simple and delicious recipe.

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4. Opt For the Sweeter Potatoes

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